Rainbow - Chinese as Foreign Language

Course Description & Objectives:

Rainbow program is a Mandarin course designed for students coming from non-Chinese-speaking families. Basic and practical daily speaking and listening are emphasized in this course; Chinese culture as an important part of the course is introduced as well. There are two levels provided that fit different learners’ language background: beginner and advanced. In order to create language environment at home, one parent per student is welcome to attend classes free of charge. In addition, students and parents will participate annual school celebrations (Chinese New Year and Year-end Talent show), Chinese Singing competitions in Toronto and other performances as well. 


With a 20-year history, Rainbow class has gained its reputation and popularity in the whole KW region due to the unique teaching style and organization. Its practical course contents, various in-class activities, and recorded audio files after each class make this course informative and enjoyable at the same time. This is a time to learn but also a time for families to get together and to enjoy a meaningful morning.


Performed at the Chinese New Year Celebration 2013

Performed at the 40th Anniversary of KW Chinese School


2nd place at Canadian Students Singing Competition in Chinese:

Class Information:

Instructor: Ms Chen

Target Student: non-Chinese speaking families, with no or little Chinese learning experience

Class time: Beginner: 9:15~10:15 a.m.

                  Advanced: 10:30~11:30 a.m.

Class size: 9~15 students/class

Fee: $50/school year