132. English Writing Advanced (英语写作高中班)

Course Objectives:

This course is based on the curriculum documents for the Ministry of Education for Ontario and will help build upon writing skills already being learned by students in their secondary school classes.  Students will develop:

  • research skills;
  • how to write in a given style or form;
  • how to write from a particular point of view appropriate to the audience;
  • knowledge of proof reading and publishing skills;
  • continue progressing in the mechanics of writing (punctuation, grammar, and vocabulary.); 
  • and they will also learn essay writing and the appropriate styles of citing work (i.e., MLA, Chicago Style, and APA). 

Throughout this course, emphasis will be placed on students taking ownership for their writing process by identifying strategies that will help them improve as writers.

About the teacher

Mr. Turner.

Course Scope: 

1. Location: 450 Columbia St, Waterloo (Sobeys, 2nd Floor Community Centre)

2. Time: 1:00-2:00pm (Sundays)

3. Target student: Grade 9+ 

4. Number of students per class: 6-12

5. Course Schedule:  22 lessons throughout the school year. 

6. Fee: $8/lesson, total $176

132. English writing advanced