105. Sketching Beginner 素描初级班

Course Objectives:

This is a beginner class, and it will begin with basic shapes, and gradually ease into shading and lines; and putting it together to create art.

We will be performing mainly still lives, animals and basic figures. 

Angela1             Angela2

                    Angela Liu, 8                                                                                                                                                          Angela Liu, 8  

Course Scope:

1.       Target student age groups: 7 – 10, beginner level
2.       Maximum number of students per class: 15
3.       Material and equipment cost:
          $20 per student. Student will receive a package of material worth of $20.

4.       Language: English

5.       Teacher: Ruza Vatres, who has been attending and assisting Ana Vatres' art classes since a very young age, has been permitted to co-teach with her for two years in Breaslau and Stanley Park Community Centre. 

105. Sketching Beginner

Richard Zhang,
2012年5月20日 下午5:58
Richard Zhang,
2012年5月20日 下午5:58