We have exciting courses to offer in new school year!
音乐类:合唱团,初级舞蹈,中级舞蹈, 高级舞蹈
体育类:蓝球, 围棋,国际象棋

Tuition and Payment:
Please refer to each course section for tuition. Registered students of KW Chinese School will enjoy a discount and priority registration.

Please come to Main Office at Abraham Erb Public School to bring your payment starting September 21, 2019.  Please make Cheque payable to "KW Chinese School". 
Class Start Date/Time:  
Registration opens Saturday September 21, 2019 and classes will begin on October 19, 2019 and run for 20 sessions during the school year unless otherwise specified. 

All class will run from 11:45am to 12:45pm except #116 finishes at 12:35pm.

       This year, there will be no Online Registrations

        Please register in person at our main office (Abraham Erb Public School) Saturday 
        mornings starting Saturday September 21, 2019.   

UPDATE: Registration for the 2019-2020 Interest Courses is now open for the school year. Thank you everyone for your support! 
     All Courses registration bason "First Come, First Serve" basis.
     Please register on line at forms below 请用下列报名表登记注册: 

Course List

Course IDCourse Name名称Instructor
 NEW: Computer Science Interest Course 计算机兴趣班 Mr. Ma  
 Arduino Microcontroller Course 电子兴趣班 电子兴趣班 Mr. Wang 
105 Sketching Beginner  素描初级班 Cera Wang 
106 Sketching Advance  素描高级班 Ms. Vatres 
107 Enhanced Math Grade 3-5 三至五年级数学提高班 Mrs Liu 
108 Enhanced Math Grade 6-8 六至八年级数学提高班 Mr. Li 
116 Sketching Junior Beginner 儿童画初级班 Mr. He 
125 Chinese Art 中国画一班 [CLOSED] 中国画 Miss Shi 
131 English Writing Elementary [CLOSED] 英语写作初中班 Mr. Turner  
132 English Writing Advanced [CLOSED] 英语写作高中班 Mr. Turner  
150 School Choir [CLOSED] 合唱团 (Free course) 吴越华 
160 Junior Dance [CLOSED]  Ms Du 
161 Intermediate Dance [CLOSED]  Ms Du 
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       We are listening to you. If you don't find the course you would like, please email office@kwcschool.com detailing grade of student, and course you wish to have. We will try to offer it if there are enough interest.
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