106. Sketching Advance素描高级班, Instructor Ana Vatres

Course Objectives:

In this course, students are going to learn about line and shapes and their changes through light. Through different drawing techniques students are going to get better feeling of space illusion, and through different drawing topics learn how to organize page.

This course will be delivered progressively so we will start with still life and followed by related shapes, logically reaching feeling of texture and using different ways of shading. Example topics would be animals, landscape, then figures, then portraits.

A1                      A2

                      Angela Liu, 8岁                                                                                                                                                      Angela Liu, 8岁 

Course Scope:

1.       Target student age groups: 10 – 16
2.       Maximum number of students per class: 20
3.       Material and equipment cost:
          $20 per student. Student will receive a package of material worth of $20.

4.       Language: English

5.       Teacher: Ana Vatres, 16-year experience of visual art teaching

Richard Zhang,
2012年5月20日 下午6:02
Richard Zhang,
2012年5月20日 下午6:02