105. Sketching Beginner 素描初级班

Course Objectives:

This is a beginner class, and it will begin with basic shapes, and gradually ease into shading and lines; and putting it together to create art.

We will be studying still-life, animals and basic figures. 

Angela1             Angela2
                                        Angela Liu, 8                                            Angela Liu, 8  

Course Scope:

1.       Target student age groups: 7 – 10, beginner level
2.       Maximum number of students per class: 15

3.       Tuition: $140 per student (For 20 classes)
4.       Material and equipment cost:
          $20 per student. Student will receive a package of material worth of $20.

5.       Language: English

6.       Teacher: Cera Wang   

I discovered my love for drawing since when I was four years old.  Drawing to me, is a way to relieve stress, regain my focus and enjoy the beauty of this world. It’s amazing how the pencil in your hands move miraculously to recreate your wildest imaginations and record the beauty all around us. My class will be positive and encouraging so the students will be engaged in their work and strive to learn more.

105. Sketching Beginner

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